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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  September 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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briefing the heat with steamy conditions. and things aren't expected to get better >> the presidential election less than 60 days away. what they both said at rallies yesterday that had social media going crazy it's a commercial many couldn't believe until they saw it with their own eyes. a store makes light of the 911 attacks all to sell mattresses? wait until you hear this woman's explanation. ♪ from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. good day on this saturday morning, thank you so much for waking up early. one of the big stories is going
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to be the weather and the heat. good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning, karen hepp. i'm shaking my head over that add. stay tuned. scott, come on, man. >> i mean >> come on >> we're baking and talking about day 4 of our seventh heat wave. it's taking a toll. hazy sunshine, a live look right now along the parkway. feels like temperatures this afternoon yet again approaching triple digits. let's talk about those weather headlines for saturday. it's going to be hazy, hot and humid. as we move through today, expect the feels like temperatures around 100. relief is on the way for the second half of the weekend and believe it or not, a taste of fall is in that seven-day forecast. so we do have relief on the way. let's talk about the heat advisory extended through at his evening across, look at this the entire area, north and west, all
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delaware, south jersey. weather by the number, scale of one to ten, today we'll give it a seven. because of the oppressive heat and humidity. it's 78 right now philadelphia. 77, dover. 77 already in wildwood, low 70's as we move north and west, across the region. take it easy. stay hydrated, 96 center city, shore, sea breeze, 87, lehigh valley temperatures top out in the low to mid 90's. we'll talk about the relief with the seven-day, we want take a look at traffic with bob kelly. good morning, everybody. we got new traffic pattern for the saturday country out here along the pennsylvania turnpike. they're going to be working out near route 1. watch for a work crew along 202 in. football weekend. lincoln financial field, it's super hero day. they're giving away capes to the kids in honor of our police law enforcement. 1:00 eagles, eagles home opener
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at lincoln financial field, and through the weekend, septa is adding service all weekend long, enjoy the rest of the day, i'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. happening now in the city, a 26-year-old man was stabbed in the chest in overbrook. they responded to the 1600 block of north 60th street around 2:30. man was taken to presbyterian medical center where he's in stable condition and police are searching for a motive. meanwhile, 33-year-old erica avila is facing a list of charges this morning, she drove the wrong way down the 600 block of east clearfield street thursday night and drove on to the sidewalk. she almost ran down a police officer who was just standing there. the officer opened fire. hitting her in the hasn't, she was later arrested in port richmond where she crashed the car. she's facing dui and assault charges. in the delaware county police officer is now back on the job doing what he loves
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after being shot seven times while on doubt. remember this story. officer christopher dorman was out for three months recovering. yesterday evening he arrived an hour early for his first day back with the folcroft police department. his father and also his 5-year-old nephew were there to watch him get back no his patrol car. look at the huge smile on his face. >> i don't like standing around waiting. i like the job i have. best job i've ever had. couldn't wait to get back. >> i'm grateful that my son survived all of this and i'm proud he's going back to work as soon as he is. i am nervous and concerned. >> of course he's a worried dad. the officer hit the street. they go alone, that's the policy in folcroft. he would have come back sooner if he was able to. a man is now in police custody after causing a barricade situation last night in cobbs creek.
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investigator says it happened along the 200 block of south mill ick street when they were call out to the home for a screaming woman. she opened the door and a man in the background started shooting. the man ran outside and she was hit in the arm. >> we called called for the studies, and the person screaming, we didn't get a chance to ascertain what this was about, gunfire erupted immediately. the place wisely took cover outside. >> i was concerned for my 90-year-old mother who lives here. and the rest might have neighbors. >> six other people were also inside the home. family member convinced the man to drop the gun and he was then arrested. police are still looking into what may have caused the man to start shooting. were you at some of the big concerts last night? two of the biggest names performed in south philly. you know him, the boss.
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bruce springsteen performing second show at citizens bank park's i think that was his third. didn't he play wednesday, thursday, friday? he did not play wednesday. all right. thursday show, that was the thing. just -- oh, goodness, i'm getting yelled at across the street at the wells fargo center adele performed to a sold out crowds making for huge tail gates. the parking lot was packed with people enjoying the summer night. to most did not seem to mind the heat. when asked about their favorite songs? >> can't do it. it's like saying, you know, what's your favorite kid? >> favorite song? got so many. i don't know. >> let's just sing one. shall we? >> no. >> thank you for sparing us, chris on that one, adele's second show is tonight at the wells fargo. >> like picking your favorite kid. i'm over the heat. i've had enough. temperatures still climbing as heat wave 7 continues.
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it's expected to reach 90 again today. how much longer until we get a cool-down. >> sabina is out there near the art museum. we're not even getting below 80 for the first time ever in september. these are crazy temperatures, sabina. >> reporter: i mean, just standing out here really it is so hot and the humidity is killing everyone. here we are on the art museum steps. it's saturday early morning, usually this place is packed with runners and joggers. right now, not so many peoplely we got a handful. you guys in the blue shirts. it was a school group, they're all working out. but really they're the only ones we found so far. a handful of others trying to get in there and exercise before the sun really comes up and starts to shine as temperatures begin rising. as i mentioned it's the fourth consecutive day of the seventh heat wave of the year. we got heat advisory through the our area. it's camden too, camden county getting the cooling centers ready. we remember and i covered the story during last heat wave, we
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had several fatalities. a lot of them people over the age of 65. this is very serious. we want people to take the necessary precautions. we know the heat can really sneak up on everyone. we did talk to a tourist. he came here from canada. as soon as he got out of the car and felt the heat, let's listen. >> reporter: what was it like when you stepped out. >> it was like -- it was crazy. it was like sauna. you don't need to pay for sauna. >> i ran up the art museum steps and he enjoyed it, but before it was too hot. >> reporter: you're trying to tire him out >> exactly. he doesn't look it too much when it's too hot he starts crying. >> reporter: she's talking about her dog marshal. back here live, you can see the haze hanging over city as the sun is coming up, shows you how hot and humid it is. we did talk to runners. they said the humidity is getting to them. makes it hard to breathe when they're exerting themselves out
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here. again, people are out. check out these kids out here. they're about 15, they told us and trying to get their exercise in. good example before the sun comes up. >> stay cool, thanks so much, sabina. councilman johnson hosted the annual peace not gun basketball games at 18th and washington. sixers players showed up. jahlil can okafor, brandon paul, it was a special night. it's aimed at promoting peace and relationships between community members and the police. >> it's very important. right now as a city we're in a crisis about the issue of gun violence. >> jonathan was doing this long before he was a city councilman, this is the 12th year for the event. our presidential election less than 60 days away. >> it's coming fast. both candidates making headlines. what they both said
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>> so far this semester, he has been absent nine times. >> nine times? >> nine times. >> you remember that scene from forrest bueller. a lot of local kids are absent many times. why schools are actually happy both one >> it's grandparents's day tomorrow. >> we want to see yours. we want to see pictures of grandparents or mentors or people that matter. >> people you call grandmom or grandpa. is it momo? is it nana? show off the grandparents in your life.
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s. john hinckley junior is going to be released today. he's been in the facility 35 years. a federal judge ruled earlier that the 61-year-old was no longer a danger to himself or others. in 1981, he shot president reagan and four others, including james brady and secret service agent tim mccarthy.
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hillary clinton holds a fund razors alongside barbara streisand, she tried to explain supporters of republican challenger donald trump, while some of his supporters are desperate for change because of economic anxiety. others are people who didn't used to have much of a voice in mainstream america. >> to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters in what i call the basket, of deplorables, you name it. unfortunately, there are people like that. >> they were laughs in the room but plenty of push-back. she sought to clarify saying not
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everyone supporting trump are part out of the all right but the all right leaders are with trump. they didn't sit well with campaign manager. hillary insults millions of americans, #desperate. on the other side, obviously, donald trump continues to pound hillary clinton on the way she handled classified information when she was secretary of state. speaking in pens cola florida, trump blasted the fbi's decision to not charge clinton into an investigation into the way she handled her private e-mail server >> she is being so protected, she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart, and she wouldn't be prosecuted. >> trump said the only thing he believes clinton has done well is getting out of trouble with her e-mails.
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he also labeled her as unstable. here's where we standing 16 days until the first presidential debate. the vp candidates debate is in 24 days and the election is 59 days away. of course, fox 29 we got you covered every step of the way. 7:16. world events in the wake of north korea's latest nuclear test. they're going to discuss new sanctions. south korean defense officials said friday's was the largest with a force equivalent ten kilo tons of tnc. the atomic bomb had a yield of 15 kilo tons. 7:16. hot weather outside. it is record breaking. wow. look at that. that is a beautiful sunrise scott williams. >> that's right. hazy sunshine across the area. you can see we're looking at temperatures already this morning in the upper 70's.
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winds out of the south at seven miles per hour, and that humidity is up there at 84%. it's going to be another stifling day across parts of the delaware valley. and we're once again looking at those heat advisories across the area. take it he does for your saturday. current temperatures right now, philadelphia, 78. 76 millville, 77 right now in wildwood. so planning your day, by 9:00 a.m., 83. look at the temperatures climbing into the upper 80's. by lunchtime, 96, by 3:00 this afternoon, but feels like temperatures take a look at the clock and take a look at the numbers by 4:00 in the afternoon, feeling like 101 in philadelphia. that's the danger. feeling like 101 in wilmington, 100 is what it will feel like in pottstown, drink plenty of water. remember your sun screen as well. ultimate doppler dry and quiet but off to the west. we have that front, that will be the relief for the second half of the weekend. it will finally move through
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dropping temperatures. weekend wendy has the right idea, she has the weekend get away, her water bottle, sunglasses, sun screen, 87 for the high temperature today down the shore. 84 for your sunday. water temperatures low to mid 70's. we'll talk about the fall preview weather coming up. >> thank you scott. just about every kid in the entire country is back in session. and do you remember being a kid? when you were were safe when you were sick? >> no, i never i was responsible and mature beyond high year >> you put on the light to raise your temperatures. are you doing that? >> yes. some kids go over board with the sick days, it's a question of bruce gordon ponders only in philly >> i'm bruce gordon, new school year got entered way pretty much everywhere >> i begin the wonderful school
7:19 am
bell by ringing the bell. >> the news is mostly good. an infusion of cash from harrisburg has put new textbooks and other supplies into class rooms for the first time in a long time. one improvement touted by district officials had me shaking my head. attendance is up. more kids are showing up for class. listen to the numbers. 42% of philadelphia school kids are making it to school 95% of the time. 95% attendance sounds good. in a 180-day school year that translates to nine days absent. translate that to your job. how would your boss feel about nine days absent each year? what the numbers say six out of every ten philadelphia school children miss at least ten days a year. to their credit, philadelphia school officials make clear these better than they used to be numbers still have a long way
7:20 am
to go. how do you solve this problem? for lots of children in philadelphia, the school day is the highlight of their day. the building itself is certainly safer than their own neighborhood. they're offered a free breakfast and/or lunch that's better than anything they'd like to get at home. and in some cases, they actually get an education in the process. far too many kids don't look at it that way. they prefer the street corner to the science lab and in far time cases, there's no parent around to insure that the child who went to school in the morning actually got to school that morning. public education in philadelphia is showing some signs of improvement. that's hugely important for the future but with school as with so many things in life, showing up is half the battle. it's hard to measure improvement by looking at an empty seat. only in philly. the answer was showing a whole lot of love to all of philadelphia last night. >> i was watching this one, fell
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like twitter was blowing up. what he had to say when he was inducted into the basketball hall of fame last night. it may have been the biggest induck speech ever. >> looking ahead to 2017 hockey. the flyers are making major trending news this morning.
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♪ ♪ celebration continues. you like that. right? that was bruce. that comes later in the show. >> good morning to you. time to get up, everybody, enjoy the show. it will be another scorcher out there. >> it's that time of year. eagles tomorrow, sports let's check in with sean bell. good morning, i'm sean grace an emotional alan iverson was inducted. into the hall of frame. this college coach thompson and dr. jay. he stole the show from thank
7:25 am
everyone from too pac to michael johnson, but the answer when he thanked us philly fans for showing him unconditional love throughout the years >> my relationship with the fans in philadelphia is like no other. and thank you all for the support over the years. you all let me grow. make my mistakes. never jumped off the band wagon, continued to support me like true fans are supposed to >> and the phillies lose another one. bottom of the 9th, game tied at four and tray turner sent all the national fans home happy way walk-off home run, 5-4, tough loss for the phillies. that's sports in a minute. sean brace >> i love ai. >> nicely done there. sean. what's happening with the flyers >> stanley cup championships,
7:26 am
well, in the virtual world. the video company set up a full simulation and in that the flyers actually won the stanley cup. of course in no way predicts the future but it's based on the talent they have on the team. the fliers, bear with me, stanley cup champions >> have virtual maybe to real world. have you heard about this one? a lot of times you go to a bar, you're enjoying whatever, refresh meant. play a little darts or something. we got something else that's got a bull eye in our area. using a bigger weapon, an axe. >> my brother actually does that. i'm not sure it's a good idea. coming up ax throwing in the delaware valley, while some people are turning to this nontraditional sport >> we want to introduce you to a
7:27 am
little girl who has an enormous legacy. how her family has been helping thousands of others and some of the most difficult times. how you can make a difference too. >> and some of the pictures, there's monte g, and his girlfriend. they're ready for the eagles to beat the browns. sent in pictures of people who matter >> it's a football weekend all weekend. thank you for sending us picture from down the shore. beautiful pic. send some from where you are.
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♪ welcome back. let's take a look at some top stories. a new jersey appeals court thrown out the 15 count conviction of a former rutgers student whose roommate committed suicide. the court tossed the bias intimidation counts against dharun ravi because of a change in state law. his roommate you may remember tyler clementi killed himself after being captured on a web cam kissing another man. cathe team filed a petition asking the new jersey division of gaming african to approve a plan to wind down table games disconnect slot machines and destroy cards, dice and chips.
7:31 am
the taj mahal will close on october 10. the casino is losing millions of dollars while the workers are on strike. tom wolf will be unable to to attend the ceremony this weekend in schwenksville. the governor's office says that, the governor's father passed away friday at the age of 95 and arrangements are pending. meanwhile, sunday's 911 ceremony will include interior secretary sally jewels as the speaker. there will be a reading of the names of the 40 passengers and crews killed during the attack. >> scott williams, feels like we've been saying this over and over. more heat on the way. >> we have been saying it over and over again. today will mark day four of our seventh heat wave bill. so hazy hot and humid again. relief is on the way for tomorrow and we have a fall preview in that seven-day forecast. but take a look at where we
7:32 am
stand as far as the number of 90 degree days in one year, the all-time record is 2010 back in there, we saw 55 days currently 44 days. today will mark 45. so continuing to add to that list. already upper 70's in philadelphia. we have 77 in wildwood, 77 currently in dover. so across the area for today, hazy, hot humid, center city, 96 degrees with that heat advisory. 87 down the shore, lehigh valley low 90's, cold front still off to the west. that will bring our relief for the second half of the weekend. just in time for that kickoff forecast. we'll call it partly cloudy, breezy, low 80's by 1:00. 4:00 p.m. temperatures right around 85. winds out of the northwest ten to 15 miles per hour. so 85, the high temperature tomorrow. low 80's, monday into tuesday, we kind of warm things up by the middle of next week. look at thursday and friday. high temperatures in the 70's. overnight lows in the 50's.
7:33 am
feeling more like fall. you can finally open up those windows and let some of that fresh air in. we'll talk much more about the weather and the tropics coming up. here's a question so many families have to face. what do you do when your child gets really sick? so many families struggle to help and still pay their bills. we want to introduce you to kellyanne dough less than, she was diagnosed as a toddler in 1972. she diagnosis introduced her family to a world of trauma, emergency trips, hospitalization, separation and spiralling expenses and exhaustion, they met their hospital neighbors experiencing hardships and really tough choices. when kellyanne developed a rare form of leukemia in 1976 and died three months before her seventh birthday, her family vowed to help others with a fund in their little girl's name. coming up on 40 years, they've been changing lives. joining us, her mother, peggy dough less than and also the co
7:34 am
founder. wendy graham, executive director. thank you for doing this and sharing your story. >> thank you for at the opportunity. >> i can't imagine going through this experience. what made you take that step and say, we just got it in our time of grief and one of our hardest moments do something to help so many other families? >> well, we lived there the hospital basically, she, kelly was hospitalized frequently. and for lengthy periods of time. de a community hospital becomes a community within itself. it really get to know other families and realize what they're going through 10 thank god for what you have to deal with. life might be easier for you. i heard about families losing their job, parents losing their
7:35 am
jobs, having cars repossessed, having, you know, eviction notices arrive. we just couldn't understand the extra added stress. >> we want to take a look at one of the pictures from one of the events your family has had on the spirit of philadelphia. how do you help these families? >> so, you know, families have so many expenses related to a child's illness that aren't covered by insurance. utility bills, their mortgage payment, adapting a home, we just last week helped a family, a child in a wheelchair and they had to have their doors widened. these are things we don't think about and take for granted. those are and he knows that is are not covered by insurance and a lot of us don't have that extra income to afford. >> how many families have you
7:36 am
helped over the years? >> 27,000. >> we started the fund knowing what the need was but not knowing how to go about doing it. when i think about it, i had a tough time seeing the word memorial after my daughter's name. for years that bothered me. about a year ago i was writing something and i wrote it again and i thought, you know, the fund doesn't exist because kelly died, it exists because she lived and because she lived we've been able to do this, that gave me a better feeling about what we were doing and how important it was to do what we do. it was also someone said to me one time, what a great way to remember your daughter in talking about the fund. and i thought i don't need to remember my daughter this way. this was is way for us to give
7:37 am
back. nobody goes through these traumatic situations without help from the outside. people came from all over to help us, send cars and encouraging letters and blood donors. my daughter was a blood user and she would be transfusing between five to 15 times >> people came to help with that. >> people donate blood >> i'm very proud and honored to be a part of the wonderful event you're going to have coming up shortly. what is it and how people can get involved? we'll show you the information now. it's on october 9th, it will be the 40th anniversary event at the crystal tea room in philadelphia, if you go to >> 175 a person, it's a special
7:38 am
occasion, 40 years, we're glad you will be there to celebrate with us. we'll put that on fox 29. >> we really appreciate it. thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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. time to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. this morning, of course, rob from temple university. what do you got.
7:41 am
>> reporter: he's a football player from saint augustine prep and he's really wowing summary crueter, he's got two scholarship offers for the football program. >> let's check it out. >> reporter: saints augustine senior is arguably among the best quarterbacks in all of new jersey right now. the millville team has offers on the table from two ncaa d1 programs but there's one thing that sets him apart. his height >> i've always been down played as a guy wasn't tall enough or didn't have the physical stature. >> reporter: even at 5'6". he has a secret weapon. >> i'm not at all i got to be fast >> mark rear den says the strong suit is his speed and jill ty >> he's tough as nails. we never considered matching him up with someone six to eight inches taller. >> quick feet drills, quick foot
7:42 am
work drills. >> reporter: you might think getting scholarship oftens from two schools might give you an ego boost. he's been grinding harder >> i know i can do it now. i know what i set my goals as achievable. you want to make things happen and get more offers. >> reporter: he first picked up a ball since five and been in love with it ever since. on top of his performance on the field he's become a mentor and friend to his team mates >> he's an exciting player, amazing, plays his game. >> reporter: that's why we're naming saint augustine prep zeikel, at fox 29 athlete of the week. >> his d1 offers >> he got them from wagner,
7:43 am
lehigh anniversary, remember the name. mike on your draft in a couple of years. >> if you have someone out like to nominate as a high school athlete of the week, tweet us and use fox 29 good day, we'll be in touch. stay tune, we'll be right back. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could...
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7:45. let's go behind the lens of our photo journalist.
7:46 am
pin the tail on the donkey? here's another sport. some say a much bigger ax is thrown and it's a little bit dangerous. bill roer shows us. >> reporter: sport is competitive. and they're testing out their new throwing arena. >> we like to say they're like darts but bigger and more satisfying. >> reporter: a one-pound ax at a wooden target for points. >> anyone who lives particularly in the city, there's usually kind of a like, say what response? >> reporter: that's because urban axes is the first ax store in the country. co owner stuart jones got the idea after visiting his friends in canada. >> i said let's get some axes and throw them. is that legal? really >> we went along and had a hell
7:47 am
of a great time. >> you expect the person coming in with the big ax throwing kind of guy. but it's everyone from all walks of life. >> reporter: general lily comey >> it's about form and technique, some people hit a bulls eye the first time. some takes a few tries >> i put my camera down and threw a few myself. once it stick that is first time. it's like the very first time you hit a great golf ball. you kind of have that -- draws you in. >> it's incredibly unique and i think the honesty will draw people in initially. once they get the ax throwing down, they're going to get the bug and keep doing it. >> reporter: there's a number of rules each person must follow. >> everyone is taught how to throw. they're coached. everyone has to where closed towed shoes, everyone has to be 21 and over. >> the ax is like, it's a
7:48 am
sharing experiences and have fun. >> reporter: in philadelphia, bill roer fox 29 news. >> wow. throwing axes. scott williams, hot, recurring theme, you're telling us that it could break in the next couple days? we got relief on the way. >> as early as tomorrow. so just hang in there. the second half of the weekend looking good. looking good tomorrow at the linc as well. we still have the heat advisory across the valley. feels like temperatures, 100 to 105 degrees. take a look where we stand, 44 days, temperatures at or above 95. today will be from time to time. . most ever was 55 days back in 2010. hazy sunshine on this saturday. 78 humidity. it's high. 84%. winds out of the south at seven miles per hour. already 78 philadelphia, 77 in dover, we have low 70's north
7:49 am
and west. down the shore, this morning, 77 wildwood. 77 on the boardwalk. going to be a beautiful day at the shore. as we go hour boy hour, 88 boy lunch. 96 at 3:00 this afternoon, look at the feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits, especially along the 95 corridor. here's the front off to the west. that will bring us the heat relief for tomorrow. the tropics heating up, watching this disturbance about 1,000 miles away from the lesser an tillies. a intent percent chance oh turn no a trouble disturbance. if you're headed to the poconos, 87 today, 75 degrees for your sunday and look at that kickoff forecast, bill and karen, low 80's tomorrow at 1:00. >> love it. i'm a fan. it's good stuff. watch the eagles stomp the browns with good weather. you've seen this, the commercial posted on social media. when i saw it, couldn't believe my eyes. and that's pretty much the response they're getting
7:50 am
nationwide. >> here's the issue, it's so cringe worthy, making light of the 911 attacks? now, wait until you hear this woman's explanation. plus, the sausage king of chicago >> we may not have him on our show but we got frankford hall, which is well-known, they help us celebrate the hot dog. we're going to show you how you can join >> they're not worse, they're better.
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7:53 am
♪ ♪ as we take a look at blue mountain, a little chill view, chill song as we transition into what scott says is cooler weather >> 80's is cool when it's been 105 >> feels like it >> the kimmel center has a special treat, an open house featuring free performance, dance lesson, behind the scenes tours and more. >> it's free. joining us is the vice president
7:54 am
of marketing. crystal brew. >> we're very excited to kick off this weekend. >> tell us what's going on. people can take a look at the kimmel center in a way they normally can't. >> absolutely. we have over 15 different activities and performances across the campus which includes not only the kimmel center, the big glass roof but also the marian theater and the academy of music and all along the sidewalk as well, we're just blowing it out >> you're taking it over. you're going to be arting it up. you're going to be looking at the kimmel center. one of my favorite things is to go and see the ballet >> we'll have performances from ballet two, which is the kind of the jv team. they're so much fun. philly pops, we'll have them and we also have amazing performances by moona luna,
7:55 am
which is a hispanic friendly music group and a bunch of others >> everybody knows the kimmel center and the avenue of the arts continues to grow. there's a chance for people to come and experience it who may not have seen it to get a little taste and hopefully you return in the future. >> absolutely. we're calling it our cultural county fair and it is a fun way to kick off the season, it's not just back to school. it's back to the art season. so we have kind of in our kimmel center lobby, just about every one of our resident companies and partners will also have information, they will be doing give aways, and >> you mentioned give aways, this event is free. but we also like the deal. it's going to be free, you can go from 10:00 to 2:00. >> if you buy tickets today and peruse our calendar, we have over 100 shows that go on sale today, including broadway series and pop rock comedy, a lot of
7:56 am
our resident companies going on sale today. >> love jones >> love jones, we expect big things from that one. but if you buy in person, as well as td bank, is giving $5 off every ticket purchased today when you show your td bank, card. >> it's kid friendly >> kid friendly. absolutely. and there's all kinds of specials today, showing off >> it's kid friendly. >> yes. >> crystal thanks so much, we really i appreciate it >> thank you for having me >> we appreciate it. have to stop by. good stuff. >> i like culture. >> i love these ticket >> this can be the place to go with a date. dating can be difficult. but is there a better time than others to date there? would it be better to go over to
7:57 am
the kimmel? would that be a good timing on a date or would there be a different time? was there an ideal dating age? >> yes, right now. cooler temperatures will soon be coming and we got tips. keep your skin looking good. feeling good, as we approach the fall. >> let's take a look at some of your pictures. we are feeling it right now. eagles taking over our city. let's go. this one coming in, happy cat erday. this is our grand pop felix. >> new babies, one of our newest viewers, michael owens, thank you for sending this one in, almost two weeks old and ready for eagles football. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
election less than 60 days away, both candidates making headlines, what they said at
8:00 am
rallies friday that had social media going crazy >> braving the heat, springsteen and adele fans dealt with steamy conditions last night. there's a big music fest in havertown. that's going to break down how hot it will be >> the cooler temperatures will soon be coming. we got tips to keep your skin looking good and feeling good as we head into the fall ♪ from the fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia weekend. it's a good day, it's 8:00. thank you for joining us on this hot and steamy saturday. >> it is hot and steamy now. but scott williams, the relief is coming. >> just wait another day, but we have to get through day four of our seventh heat wave. today will be the 45th day temperatures have made it to 90 or better in philadelphia. hazy sunshine across the area,
8:01 am
maybe you have plans runn errans on this saturday morning, if you want the cooler temperature, now is the coolest it's going to be until at least tomorrow. hang in there. have your sun screen, have your water bottles. it's going to be hot as we talk about those weather headlines, we're in for more heat and humidity relief by tomorrow. even a fall preview. it's in that seven-day forecast. so as we take a look planning your day, by 9:00 a.m., low 80's, 88 by lunchtime. look at the afternoon, 3:00. 96. that will be in the shade because feels like temperatures will approach the triple digits. look at the records to beat for today. 97 is the record high set back in 1983. wilmington's record for today 98, look at trenton, 101 back in 1983. that was a hot year. reading your record to beat is 100. feel like temperatures for much of the area will be around 100 especially along the i95 corridor. so once again, as we look at the temperatures right now, already
8:02 am
up to 79 degrees, that humidity at 82%, and temperatures already starting in the mid to upper 70s out there. down the shore, 77 at the boardwalk. feel like temperatures by the afternoon in the triple digits. we'll talk much more weather coming up after traffic. good morning, everybody. new traffic patterns for the saturday crew out here along the pennsylvania turnpike. they're going to be working out near route one. watch for work crew along 202 in chester county. 1:00 at lincoln financial field. super hero day, they're giving away capes to the kids in honor of our police law enforcement. and tomorrow, 1:00, eagles home opener down at lincoln financial field. and through the weekend, septa is adding extra service all weekend long for the sports fans. enjoy the rest of your day, i'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. happening right now,
8:03 am
investigators say a 26-year-old man was stabbed in the chest in overbrook. the 1600 block of north 60th street, about 2:30 this morning, they race that day man to presbyterian medical center where at any treat trauma patients. he is in stable condition. police are searching for a motive. meanwhile, 33-year-old erica is facing a list of charges. show drove the wrong way down the 600 block of east clearfield street thursday evening and drove on to the sidewalk. she almost ran down a police officer, who was standing there. the officer opened fire, hitting her in the hand, she was later arrested in port richmond, where she crashed. the vehicle flipping on to its side. facing driving under the influence and assault charges. a delaware county police officer is now back doing the job he loves after being shot seven times while on duty. shot seven times. all officer christopher dorman wanted to do was get back to serving and protecting after he was out for three months
8:04 am
recovering. yesterday evening, he arrived an hour early for this first day back with the folcroft police department. his father and 5-year-old nephew were there to watch him get back into his patrol car. >> i don't like sitting around waiting. i like working. i like the job i have. best job i ever had. couldn't wait to get back >> i grateful that my son survived all of this and i'm proud he's going back to work. but i'm nervous and concerned. >> he's definitely worthy of the applause. he hit the streets solo. says he would have been gun patrolling sooner in he was able to. >> there's a man in police custody after causing a barricade situation in cobbs creek. investigators say this happened on the 200 block of south millic street. she opened the door of the house and saw a man in the background who started shooting at them. the woman ran outside, and she was struck in the arm.
8:05 am
>> we got called for the disturbance and the person screaming. we didn't get a chance to ascertain what this was about, gunfire erupted immediately. the police wisely took cover outside >> i was concerned for my 90-year-old mother. who lives here. and rest of my neighbors. >> six other people were inside that home. the family member convinced the man to drop his weapon and then he was arrested. police are still trying to figure out what caused the guy to start shooting. as scott has been telling us, the temperatures are still climbing as we go through heat wave 7. >> it is expected to reach above 90 once again. dangerously hot. there's a lot of kids out there doing activities. we have our schools that had the half day many of them. we got sabina at the art museum area where people are working out in the background and running up and down those rocky steps. >> good morning, karen and bill. there are people out here exercising definitely not as many on a saturday morning.
8:06 am
check it out. somebody left their water bottle. they're going to want this, as scott said, this will be the coolest time of the day that it's going to be all day. walk down here, like i said, there's a ton of people out here. there's a bunch of kids earlier. we wanted a talk to them but they started their run already, they're running between 13 and five miles today. we wanted to know what were they thinking? this is andy. your students run philly style. what are you guys doing. >> we're a mentoring organization, serve 1300 kids across philadelphia and pair kids and adults together to train for a full half marathon. >> what are you doing with the heat >> thanks to the vanguard group, they brought out a bunch of volunteers. so we have water stops across the route. kids will be ready, constantly hydrated. we got notice from them the day before.
8:07 am
drink a lot yesterday and this morning, keeping people hydrated. >> reporter: they seem so excited to be out here. getting them out on a saturday morning but they seem thrilled. thank you so much, good luck today and with your run. when is your run. >> it will be the philadelphia 4 half marathon. >> reporter: these guys have been out a long time. there have been people working out but a lot are barely sticking around, already drenched and sweat. these guys i wanted to talk to. they've been out here awhile. how long have you been out here. >> half hour now. >> reporter: you're dripping in sweat. what are you thinking right now? it is so hot >> we my fraternity brothers came out to get fit, i'm 46, 47 on tuesday. >> reporter: talk to me about this humidity. >> he just got back.
8:08 am
>> reporter: what you are going toing. >> running up the steps, coming backing push-ups. mountain climbers, this is the last time for round two. >> reporter: what will you tell people who might want to come out? can they do it >> yes, anybody can do it. mind over matter >> stay hydrated. >> reporter: i love it. we do have people out here. everybody is in good mood, enjoying the weather. but it is taking a toll. guys back to you. >> thanks so much. it's not even that bad yet. imagine how it's going to get when we get up into the 90's. it was hot last night as two of the biggest names in music performed in south philly. bruce springsteen ♪ >> the boss, bruce springsteen performed his second show this week at citizens bank park. just across the street at the wells fargo center. adele performed to a sold-out crowd.
8:09 am
made for quite a tailgating party in the parking lot on a hot summer night but didn't seem to bother anyone except when you asked them about their favorite song. >> can't do it. it's like saying, you know, what's your favorite kid? >> favorite song? got so many. i don't know. >> let's just sing one. shall we? >> no. >> hello, adele has a second show tonight, karen at the wells fargo center. >> political coverage with about two monthing to election day, hillary clinton has a fund raiser with barbara streisand. she's trying to explain the supporters of her challenger, republican donald trump and she says that some are desperate for change because of economic anxiety and others are >> to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the bask of deplorables.
8:10 am
. the racist, sexist, homophobic, islam phobic, you name it. >> her campaign thought to clarify her remarks saying not everyone supporting trump is part of that alternative, but that the all right leaders are with trump. her remarks obviously didn't sit well for trump manager, kellyanne conway tweeted. one day after promising to be inspirational and uplifting. >> on that side, donald trump continues to pound clinton on the way she handled the classified information when she was secretary of state. speaking in pens cola florida, he blasted the fbi's decision to not charge her after an investigation into the way she handled her private e-mail server. >> because she's being so
8:11 am
protected, she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted. ok? >> he says the only thing that he thinks that she's done well is get out of trouble with her e-mails. he also labeled her as unstable. we're both perhaps past this. is there a better time or age to date than others >> we're going to break it down. what do you think it is? let us know on twitter and facebook? 20's, 30's? is it maybe in your teens? how old should the person be? >> maybe it's when you're a senior citizen. maybe when you're hanging out at the old folks community. >> cooler temperatures on our way. we'll have tips to keep your
8:12 am
skin looking and feeling good as we head to the fall. >> let's see what you're doing and saying on this saturday morning. thank you for sending this one. your daughter and adele is so lucky. her daughter loved the show >> and ready for football? dad and son excited for tomorrow's game. i am as well. can't wait for the season to start. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
8:13 am
vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
8:14 am
♪ ♪
8:15 am
♪ no matter what you're doing, that song comes on, it changes your mood. i dare you to not move just a little bit when you hear happy >> i feel happy >> nasa showing off new pictures from the surface of mars. the curiosity mars rover is exploring the region of the planet. the photos are being compared to the american southwest. >> in your health news this morning, now, even though it's basically so hot, it's hard to think about fall and cooler temperatures, but they're coming. we promise you. we decided to bring in an expert to tell us what we need to be doing right now. so let's start with, what do we need to do to make sure we have beautiful skin for the fall? >> ok. transition from summer to fall, i think there's a sense. i can go easy on the sun screen, you're not feeling the burning rays of the sun, you're not out at the beach. the people who will have the
8:16 am
best looking skin over time are the ones who use sun screen year round. that's my big tip, number one tip for the fall is to keep using that sun screen. i know. i know. at least you'll be covered. you'll have clothes on but it's, your face and any exposed area, it's really important to keep that up. >> number two? >> exfoliate. it's hard to imagine today to be concerned with the dense humidity but the cooler temperatures are coming, the air, drier air is coming. exfoliating. it's really important. people love the >> what do you mean by that? give me an example. >> there's a lot of physical exfoliates. you don't like the chemical, but a naturally derived like a alpha hydroxy acid product, or beta, those will not only turn the
8:17 am
skin over but they will help to build collagen and to keep your skin healthy overall as opposed to just sloughing off layers. >> i don't have to go to the doctor's office >> peels are fine. honestly, i've been using an alpha droxy product for the past 20 years. i don't want to give away my skin >> you're going to say moisture rise >> in the past there's been this idea you need to have different moisturizers, what we're going to see more of is boosters. i tell my patients to use the same basic solid moisturer with the same ingredients year round but tweak it with this or that,
8:18 am
argan oil is available. you can take your actual moisture riser and use a few argan oil to give it more moisture rising properties. you can keep the moisture chamber into the skin as the temperatures drop and as >> basics like the cetiphils, i can get. >> i love the survey lines, the cetiphil, lines, put their money into active ingredients, and not spend so much >> thank you so. . doctor, we appreciate it. thank you for coming in. >> absolutely. scott, she was going to say
8:19 am
men need to >> i exfoliate when i shave every day, but remember the sun screen, not just the summer but year round. you'll need it certainly today. hazy sunshine. scale of one to ten, we're talking about a seven. feels like temperatures will approach the triple digits. hazy sunshine, humidity, 82%. dover 78, wilmington, 76 right now in allentown. so across the area, for today, 96, the heat advisory center city feeling like 100, he 87 down the shore. an afternoon sea breeze. the lehigh valley low 90's, hot and humid. take a look at the relief. it's a cold front off to the west around the ohio river valley and the great lakes. that will move through late tonight, early sunday. there might be a scour overnight. most of us will stay dry.
8:20 am
weekend wendy. is head to the shore. take a look, she has her water staying hydrated and she also has her sun screen along with those sunglasses. 87 at the shore. 84 for tomorrow. water temperatures low to mid 70's. what about kickoff forecast? browns versus the eagles? partly cloudy. we'll call it breezy, temperatures by kickoff in the low 80's. warming to the mid 80's with 4:00 in the non. that weather authority seven-day forecast showing lower humidity tomorrow, a low 80's, monday into tuesday, we peak by the middle of next week. look at the fall front, the preview of fall weather, '70s for high, thursday it's a friday, overnight will be in the 50's. some folks will see 40's by thursday and friday morning. back to you. >> actually looking forward to that. it's time for those cooler temperatures. >> this transition going >> it's a commercial many people couldn't believe until they saw it with their own eyes. >> it was a store making light
8:21 am
of the 911 attacks to sell mattresses? this woman has an explanation. dating can be difficult. is there a better time to date than others? a better age and better person's age to tell you the ideal dating age coming up. speaking of age, happy birthday, collin firth, 56 years old. ryan phillip, 41. fine looking human being at any age. >> there are your lottery numbers. check them. you could be the big winner and stay with us. ♪
8:22 am
when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage...
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the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:24 am
♪ ♪. karen and and i are dancing and i was hoping they would open her camera not mine. if one of us was going to get clowned, i was pushing in that direction >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the day heating up, as we attempt to cool off. time for silly science. we look at some of the crazy studies scientists are doing. we've all heard the saying, age ain't nothing but a number. is that saying really true when
8:25 am
it comes to couples staying together? is there an ideal age for relationships to last? a study done by emory university in atlanta found the greater the age gap, the greater the risk of a break-up. couples with five-year, 18% more likely to split. that number jumped to 39% for a ten-year age difference and a 20-year gap is not looking good. a 95% separation rate. they say it's because of conflicting goals and interests at different stages in their lives, that's the biggest reason for the separation. essentially, i'm not sure this is all that unusual news for many people. if you're dating somebody significantly younger or older than you, it's not going to last and i probably have some girlfriends watching right now who will vouch for that. the smaller the gap, the more successful, the larger the gap, the least
8:26 am
>> similar interests. >> generational differences >> he's 11 years older than me. he's the older one. >> but you guys have been together for awhile. >> 14 years happily. >> maybe you're just mature beyond your years. age ain't nothing but a number. men tend to date younger and women tend to want somebody who is older. but it goes against all of these different stereo types >> you don't go up with the same experience, you don't the same music, cultural references, all these old men trying to get younger women, it ain't going to last. >> i don't think they care much about it lasting. silly science. you've been there, you're eating something it falls on the floor. >> five second rule. >> you debate whether or not to eat it. forget the five second rule. why you should not touch the food that fell on the floor. >> good luck with that.
8:27 am
the commercial many couldn't believe. who thought this was a good idea, a store making light of the 911 attacks to sell mattresses and the woman in this video actually came up with what she thinks is ago explanation. >> ♪ (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
8:30 am
. a lot of folks will be headed to the shore. hopefully you have a cool day planned. >> this is one of those songs where nobody actually knows the words but tries to sing along. you kind of just -- you don't know the words to the song. >> that's exactly the words. >> just let them sing. let's take a look at some of this morning top stories, authorities are warning the public about another black bear sighting along the 700 block of hill view road. someone first spotted the bear on thursday. local schools held recess indoors friday as a precaution. police are telling residents to call 911 if they see the bear and please don't approach it. shock and outrage around the country over commercial that seemingly tried to profit and make fun of the september 11
8:31 am
attack. >> this is down in texas san antonio. you can be the judge yourself. >> what better way to remember 911 than with a twin tower sale. right now you can get any for a twin price. all day long. my gosh. it's falling. we'll never forget. >> wow. >> the never forget part. here's the thing. maybe that is not a good idea. somehow, the guy, whatever, filmed and nobody in there said this will be insensitive or ignite a controversy that everybody will cringe at. the facebook page blew up. they immediately came under a lot of criticism. they've since taken it down but the video is out there. once you put it out there, everyone copies it and shares it
8:32 am
can you believe this? the manager did give an apology that may leave you scratching your head. >> people were looking at us as something of hate rather than something of, you know, like a sale or at some point. we don't want be known as hate. we want to be known as loving and caring and giving. that's who we are. we're american mattress. >> there's a huge disconnect. maybe because they're in texas? i have no explanation. >> what are you saying stupid grows in texas. >> i'm not going to make an explanation to that. the owner of the store says the video is tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives. >> sometimes just don't talk, it didn't help. her follow-up didn't help. somebody needs to come, take the phone where they filmed that video. you lost your phone privileges
8:33 am
and your commercial filming privileges forever. st stop. scott, give us an appropriate forecast for this case. hot, steamy, record breaking. >> we're looking at another heat advisory, feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits again this afternoon. but hang in there. because much improved weather for tomorrow with lowering humidity and temperatures falling into the 80's for highs. even cooler weather with that seven-day forecast. take a look at the orange counties, that's everywhere except the poconos, we're talking about feels like temperatures anywhere this afternoon between 100 to 105. hazy sunshine, 79 at the airport. look at that humidity, 82%. starting the day off mid upper 70's across the region. 78 in wilmington along with atlantic city. take a look at the future feels like temperatures by 3:00, 4:00,
8:34 am
101 philadelphia, look at the payoff tomorrow. 85, low 80's early next week, heat peaks again middle of next week, but look at the 70's thursday into friday. back over to you. >> all right scott. karen, you remember the last time max major was here, kind of blew my mind. it's crazy. he's here again. he's a mentalist a mind major. he's perform to go the franklin institute. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you got for us today. >> i'm ready. >> you blew me away. >> i had a good time. >> you read my mind, actually. we're going to try it again. you're going to have a shot and you can too. quick with you. i know you're game for this. here, bill, here's what i want to do. i didn't tell you guys what to do or say, we didn't talk about that before break or anything.
8:35 am
do you have any idea what i've written here? >> none. >> there's no way you can know. it's not like something we discussed ahead of time. name any two digit number, any two digit number from 10 to 100. ing >> 74. >> first thing that came to your mine. here's what i want you to see. read that out for the camera. what does it say? >> 74, i'm leaving. >> that one, i am how he did it >> i'm not sure i like somebody who can read my mind. you're bugging me out. that's crazy. >> thank you. can i try something with you? here's what i got. i got a notebook here. written down names of very famous people. you can kind of just read these off as i go through. name some that you see. frank sinatra, john lend non, key january in a reeves, drake. leonardo decaprio, tom hangs.
8:36 am
>> hold this in your left hand. put your right hand on top. peel back a corner so i can't see, grab the each, peel up look at one page. don't let him see. break it open. and peak at a name there. you got it? >> i do. >> you know it >> yes >> we're's what we're going to do. focus on your celebrity's name. let's try this. tom picture their face. picturing them? >>? i'm >> i'm guessing this has nothing to do with this. let's see. >> it does >> ok. >> you can say this out loud. you made this choice right now? yes? for the first time, tell everyone, tell the viewers what is the celebrity you've been thinking of? say it out loud? >> elvis pressly. >> that's the first person you
8:37 am
thought of? check this out. unfold this here. >> ok. >> wow. >> seriously? wow? . is that you -- this is crazy. we can hear in our ears, control room is upstairs going in way. >> people at home are doing the same thing. and he's a darn good cutter. >> that was the information for your show, we want to get it out there >> franklin institute. >> there's only two weekends left. this and next weekend and that's it, going on tour around the country. come and see the folks here in philly. >> there's all the information. come see him tonight at the franklin isn't that true next friday, saturday as well. more video that will be on all of our social media. we're posting these out for the look. >> hang on to that >> we'll be right back.
8:38 am
(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one.
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8:40 am
that was so fascinating. >> the look on my face, we're going to see these going all over the place, your face, my face. wow. >> we have a question for you. in my house we certainly do this one. do you do this? if you can still eat something, if something falls would you still eat it? >> we have to drop some food to see? >> it's on the desk. >> that's fair game. >> mike jerrick was here.
8:41 am
so i don't know. >> i pick it up, and then go ahead and eat it. cleaned it. >> that's nasty. >> year just blowing dust off of it >> scientists are saying these are real searchers from our area, they say bacteria can contaminate food that falls on the floor instantaneously. the mere second it lands. researchers say the lairing contact does lead to more bacterial transfer, but, there's other things, what kind of food, is it going to pick up all kinds of stuff? then it would be, if there's more moisture in the air >> if it's really humid out. more things get on it. watermelon that falls on the floor, has the most contamination >> here's the thing. we don't live in a sterile environment. you're walking down the street. and there's bacteria or other things you're coming in contact with. you pick up the pen and there's things on it. that kind of stuff doesn't bother me. i'm not going to eat something
8:42 am
that fell in a pool of mud. what about movie theater seats? seat maybe, not the floor. >> that's like gross. >> here's the question. is there a difference if there's someone watching? if i'm at the store and something falls oh i'm going to throw that out but if i'm at home, i may feed that to my kid. >> when in doubt, throw it out. >> that is the good advice. this is the question. do you believe in the five-second rule? let us know your thoughts on social media, facebook, twitter, and you can even send us a video. use #fox29goodday. we'll be right back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ ♪ it is still summer and it is still so hot and the shore is a very hot place today. we got our own joining us this morning with what's hot at the shore. >> thanks for having me. >> what's hot at the shore this weekend >> there's so much going on, in wildwood, we have a lot of events just this weekend alone, the war to the shore, the largest motorcycle rally in the northeast. you'll get to see bike stunts, plus they're giving away a harley david son. you can find out more information at roar to the shore online. >> there's a wave and wheel
8:46 am
where you can do you kayaking and biking and surfing and skate boarding and food trucks and life entertainment. that's today till 10:00 >> the weather could not be better. >> this weekend that everybody wanted last weekend. i know, it's such a bummer, but there's good things going on. we can't complain. they're having a doggie dash in wildwood. where you can run on the boardwalk and compete against other people. it's a 5k and there's going to be a 25-foot fire hydrant on the boardwalk. if you don't have dog, it's ok, you can still compete without your dog. >> miss america pageant to get the crowds back down after the holiday weekend? there's always events what's happening today and tomorrow. >> well, today is the infamous shoes, showing off their shoes
8:47 am
decorated by famous designers or by themselves, i will be live comment tating today. that's going to be going on the boardwalk. tomorrow is the competition. it's a big thing for atlantic city. historical. >> are those the shoes this year >> yes, >> miss piggy and kermit. >> we all love seafood. >> and this is the atlantic city seafood festival. john henderson put this on, the biggest one yet. we're so excited. chef guy mitchell, a white house chef will be hosting it. my good friend amanda pal amino will be here. they're having a chatter cook-off which is going to the
8:48 am
food bank of new jersey. plus other vendors, it's at bader field from 11:00 to 7 and tomorrow 11:00 to 6:00. and fireworks tonight the last one of the summer >> going out with a bang. last weekend was lousy with some of the impacts of hermine. you saw the hazy sunshine, weather by the numbers, we'll give it a seven because of the heat advisory and the dangerous heat. 79 philadelphia right now, 78 wilmington. a along with dover, 75 in pottstown. we'll take you hour by hour, we're looking at 88 degrees by lunchtime. 96 at 3:00 but feels leak will be in the triple digits. 96 the high center city, 87 at the shore, low 90's in the lehigh valley. the frontal boundaries bring the relief, it's off to the west. this will be moving in late tonight, early sunday, perhaps
8:49 am
an isolated shower most of us will stay dry. look at the tropics trying to heat up as you move about 1,000 miles to the east of the lesser an tillies, this disturbance has about a 90 percent percent chance it could can develop into a tropical depression. weekend wendy is headed to the shore for the weekend. she has her water bottle, shades, sun screen. she's going to go to some of the miss america festivities, 87. we're looking at 84 for tomorrow. the poconos mountains, 87, maybe a pop-up storm, mid 70s for high temperatures tomorrow. kickoff tomorrow, low 80's, by 4:00, we're looking at mid 80's turning breezy. look at that seven-day forecast. you can see the drop in humidity and temperatures tomorrow. then much of next week looking pretty good. >> thank you so much. scott. it's time for your fox foodbite.
8:50 am
summer is officially winding down. we're looking towards fall. we like talking about the fall drinks >> it's not just pumpkins. we brought in an expert right here. hudson austin, good morning to you. >> good morning: i made two easy cocktails, one is a mocktail. you want about four cups of sider, then you add some season goes. you add a little bit of clove, got ginger in there, all spice, i would throw in this little bouquet of smoked apple wood chips. >> he always ads the exciting to it. >> you're putting wood chips in it >> wood chips >> you put it in a cheesecloth and we're getting the flavor, >> you won't get splintishes in
8:51 am
your mouth, you cook this about a half hour. if you wanted it smokier, you can add that. i made that so you can go ahead and try this if you'd like. >> now, the can we go we always ask and we transition to the cocktail cocktail. could we make this into a cocktail >> by adding a little bit of rum very easily. >> so much fun, on a cold day when you curl up next to the fire. >> and your whole house will smell like this. you can make this and your house feels like autumn all year long. >> if we want to puff it up a little bit. >> we're going to -- we're not going to do a lot of absent in here. what we want to do is rinse the glass. add half ounce of absence to this. cook the inside of the glass. now, from here, we want to
8:52 am
ad-lib of this man go. >> nobody goes crazy anymore, a little bit of saint germane. the sparkling will go in right now. fill that up about halfway. a little bit of saint germane. i call this -- this is called a frenchy. this is named after a friend of mine who's the general manager in gulf mills. he turned me into a cocktail similar to this. we're going to make sure. the recipes everything will be up on our facebook page and our website. delicious, thank you hudson austin. >> my pleasure. >> cheers.
8:53 am
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. s
8:54 am
8:55 am
we've been talking all week about tailgating, different suggestions for the food. the eagles kick off tomorrow. temple is playing. we decided we'd focus on great tailgating food. hot dogs, works the whole nine. >> we brought in his guy. we have a big sausage fest happening. we decided to bring in traditional and nontraditional
8:56 am
wurtz. >> today we have now, since it is hot dog day, all beef frank furters. they're not like your traditional hot dogs >> i like that, people in my family were weird, we take the casings off. a lot of time they don't luke it >> people in her family are weird. >> not my mother, she's wonderful. i love love you very much >> we brought our traditional bratwurtz. pork sausage with some traditional floral spices, it's a more traditional german type sausages, and this is a combination of pork and beef with a little bit of underlying spice. >> what makes it a wurtz and not a hot dog. >> this sausage is the wurtz.
8:57 am
>> you don't need to smoother it with all the stuff people on top of it. >> you're right. >> which one are we doing first >> let's do our all beef hot dog. >> i'm taking this one. >> i'll try the spicy one. >> you got a side of cab bage? >> that's made with apple, brown sugar, red wine vinegar and comes out in a nice grazed texture, not too soft. also has the same crunch of what a raw cabbage would have, our sour kraut. >> what's your prediction for the eagles game tomorrow? >> eagles. >> thank you so much for coming in from frankford. you have a wonderful saturday.
8:58 am
no matter what your events are. philly public schools, there's no sporting events this weekend. have a great weekend. see you tomorrow. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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